Street and Nye

Trailhead: Adirondack Loj
Date of climb: June 30, 2012
#31: Street Mountain, 4166 ft.
#45:  Nye Mountain, 3895 ft.

Street and Nye are rarely climbed by hikers who aren’t aspiring 46ers. Both mountains have treed summits and limited views, and as far as high peaks go they are basically easy and uneventful to climb, despite the fact that neither has a maintained or marked trail. Still, I think that’s a shame because there were so many beautiful sights on this hike that are worth taking the time to see. I’m not sure if my pictures reflect it, but one thing I’ve been noticing is that every mountain in the Adirondacks is completely unique and has its own special flavor.

The route to Street and Nye follows the old Nye ski path/herd path from the Loj. Pretty early on in the hike there is a spot where you have to cross the Indian Pass Brook – the water was too high to rock hop without it being a decent challenge and I was psyched to switch out my boots for water shoes and walk through the chilly water. I’d been breaking in a new pair of insoles and my feet were literally aching before I reached that brook but felt fabulous when I reached the other side – it was like sticking them in a bucket of ice for a few minutes.

Other than some pretty sights along the way, the hike up was pretty uneventful. The herd path had many switchbacks along the creek that ran parallel until about 2800 feet and I found it hard to follow at times, but I made it to the rock cairn with the trail split for Nye and Street without getting lost. The Nye summit was super close to the cairn – only took a few minutes to reach. There were no views from the summit but there was a rocky ledge pretty close to it that did have a nice view of the mountains (I believe the Seward range?) The Street summit took about 20 minutes to reach from the Cairn and also had no views, but also had a couple of spots nearby with views.

This hike, along with Big Slide last week, has been good conditioning for me… so far I’ve been doing hikes that are on the short end of the high peaks spectrum (8-13 miles), but many of them are much, much longer. This Friday I will be attempting the first of these longer hikes – Marcy, Skylight and Gray, an 18+ mile loop. If I make it back in one piece, will post a trip report next weekend.

downed tree obstructing the path – a common sight on this hike

at about 3700′

view from Nye overlook near summit

view from Street overlook near summit

Near the base of Nye, some relics from an old lumber camp that used to sit here about a hundred years ago.

10 thoughts on “Street and Nye

    • Thanks, Duane! Not sure how long the whole thing ended up taking – maybe 6-7 hours? I know I reached the Nye summit in about 3. I’m a moderately paced hiker and probably usually do about 2 miles per hour, but on this hike was occasionally slowed by losing and having to re-find the trail (and of course by the brook crossing). I hiked up on my own but then met up with ADK folks near the cairn and ended up hiking to Street and back down with them.

      Regarding M/G/S… definitely nervous about the sheer length of the hike, but I think this is a good one to start with (not known as being super difficult… just long). And at least I’ll get some nice views to make up for all the treed summits yesterday!

  1. Great pictures and post, Pru! Love it, it’s like I get to go hiking every week but never leave the house! Good job…impressive hiking so far.

  2. Nice to have such solitude. Fun when it’s a bit of an obstacle course. I guess it was easy enough to not lose the trail. That might be my biggest worry on a hike such as that.

    • The herd path was usually pretty easy to follow… just got tricky in parts around the creek. I had my high peaks map in my pocket and took it out more on this hike than ever before – I pretty much could tell where I was at all times based on where the creek was, and the steepness of the terrain.

  3. You might want to consider going past Lake Arnold and doing Gray and Skylight first, then up over Marcy. It leaves the least for when you are most tired going back. Also makes a loop. Count on at least a 12 hour day.

    • Hey Margaret, that’s exactly the route we decided to take. Elie had suggested it and we decided it was the way to go – get the tougher stuff over with early on and coast down Marcy at the end. How is your ankle? I heard you sprained it – hope you’re healed and hiking again soon.

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