Trailhead: Garden
Date of climb: September 15, 2012
#17: Saddleback, 4515 ft.

Hiked Saddleback today from the Ore Bed Trail. It was a really nice day and not a tough one at all. The first portion of the trek followed the same route I’d taken to hike the Gothics cable route – Garden to the Interior Outpost, then picking up the Ore Bed and following the Saddleback slide, eventually reaching the col between Gothics and Saddleback. It’s such a great route that I enjoyed the opportunity to hike it again so soon, and in slightly different weather conditions/post-summer for a slightly different view.

The forecast predicted clouds for the morning and sun in the afternoon. This was partially true. We ended up with a mixture of clouds, rain and fog for the first half of the hike, and didn’t see the sun in its full glory until we were on our way down.

The trickiest part of this trail is the vertical rocks above the slide, just as it veers left back into the trees. The rain today made it extra slick and challenging to ascend and especially descend.

I was surprised at how very gentle the Range trail was up to the Saddleback summit from the col with Gothics. It was a piece of cake, and a pleasure to walk. I think we must have passed the false summit at some point though I never figured out where it was exactly… we definitely walked across the “saddle” for a  stretch, which was horizontal ground at the top of the mountain on the lovely treed path, and eventually came to the real summit. The clouds were blowing in and out while we were having a snack and a look around. It was nice to be up there in those conditions – not so foggy that we couldn’t see the views, but kind of mystical. I meant to go over and take some pics of the steep trail that descends from the summit toward Basin over the Saddleback cliffs but I was too cold and instead will return again someday in warmer weather for more exploration. It was definite hat and glove weather atop the summit – I would guess somewhere in the 40s, and windy.

The sun came out on our walk back down the mountain which was a nice treat, and it was an easy journey back to Garden once we got past those slick rocks at the top of Ore Bed. I’m happy to have completed the Great Range with the climb of Saddleback today, and look forward to rehiking my favorites post-46.

suspension bridge just past Interior Outpost

Fall is in the air, and on the ground…

Someone once told me that the Ore Bed Brook and trail is named for the iron ore here that turns the water orange… I can’t find any info to back this up, but it makes sense to me…

Holding up the rock, or crawling out from under it?

Starting up the slide, before the ladder comes into view

walking along the “saddle”

From the summit: Basin through the clouds

view from summit

My favorite pic: click to enlarge and spot the hikers ascending the cable route on Gothics

Irene damage: bottom of the slide

16 thoughts on “Saddleback

  1. Your pictures and the description of your hike are simply awe inspiring! I am so happy that you were finally able to get Saddleback under your belt and also that you just completed the Great Range! I wasn’t with you and Dave on the hike (in the physical sense), but all day long, as I was playing gardener, I was thinking of you guys and how much fun you were having on the hike. I cannot believe how fall-like the scenery has become. I was here, just a few weeks ago at the end of August. I cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures! And I also cannot wait till we get together in October and tackle something else.

    • Thank you Susan! We missed you today. I can’t wait until you’re up in October! Yes, fall has come quickly. Most of the trees are still green but I’m guessing they’ll turn either this week or next. It will happen fast I’m sure, and I’m going to try to get out there and hike during the peak colors if at all possible.

      • There’s nothing like fall in the Adirondacks. I’ve been there in 2010 and 2011. The views and the scenery are like an impressionist painting…beyond beautiful. I’ll be sticking around WNY this fall. Have a couple of hikes planned for around here, I’ll enjoy the autumn colors from the Boston Hills and the Alleghany Mountains. Please take lots and lots of pictures of wherever you may end up…I will live vicariously through your pictures. Maybe next fall, I’ll head up for an Adirondack colorfest!

  2. Great catching up with you yesterday & you’re certainly ” catching up” to me! Thanks for these postings Pru, I’m “rehiking” the 46 from my kitchen. One day we’ll actually hike together!

  3. Yet another great Adirondack hike. If I possessed the trait of envy, I’d envy you, only because I don’t have hiking options here, just middle eastern food options galore. You enjoy your hikes while I enjoy my food, gotta enjoy what we have to enjoy depending on where we are. When in Rome 🙂

    • ahahaha, I’m so glad to hear you don’t possess the trait of envy. 🙂 I am certainly envious of the amazing Middle Eastern food you’ve been able to enjoy while in Saudi! Feel free to send some this way any time.

  4. Hi Pru,
    Loved the pic of you under the rock. You look so good! Hiking definitely agrees with you. I have been reading the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. So through this book I have been hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. lol
    I hope I get to read this blog again about another hike of yours before the deep cold sets in. If not I will keep in touch through email. Bye for now!

    • Thanks Suzanne! 🙂 I just read that book too – it was a great read. I have a couple more hikes planned before the cold sets in… today I am battling a sore throat that I’m hoping is only allergies, lest it foil my upcoming plans!

  5. Great Pics- The pic from the cables on Gothics is actually me and my group. Windy day, but the clouds cleared up after we were on top. Thanks for the shot of us!

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