Trailhead: Adirondack Loj
Date of climb: October 28, 2012
#19: Marshall, 4427 ft.

This weekend was my last planned hiking venture this year. My friend and I enjoyed a perfect weekend at the Adirondack Loj, and stroll through Marcy Dam, up the Van Hoevenberg trail and over to Tabletop on Saturday. It was so warm out – maybe 70s – and the sun peered out on and off throughout the day. It’s hard to believe they are starting to evacuate people from the high peaks tonight due to the impending storm/hurricane/nor’easter. The after-effects of Irene are still present nearly everywhere in the form of blowdown and rock slides, so I really hope whatever it is leaves the area unscathed.
After a leisurely breakfast, we started up the old Marcy Dam trail around 8am. Most of the autumn leaves are now on the ground, but the forest is still colorful – it doesn’t seem wintery just yet. We made pretty good time reaching Marcy Dam and stopped for a snack aind some photos. In the past I haven’t much cared for the Van Ho – I had a mental picture of it being all rocks and a painful way to spend a couple of miles. It wasn’t nearly as rocky as I was imagining, with stretches of soft dirt and bright green flora lining the way. The herd path up Tabletop was beautiful – I have heard that so many are disappointed with this hike because of the lousy summit views, but it’s a really beautiful mountain with so much to see along the way to the top. It’s a pretty simple jaunt to the peak, just a half mile and devoid of scrambles and major challenges. There were a ton of people climbing Tabletop on Saturday, and we shared the summit with a few different groups.
When we touched bottom we decided to pay a visit to Indian Falls, which was only a tenth of a mile away. My pictures of Indian Falls never do it justice. You just have to be there.
And that’s that – my end to this year’s hiking season! 24 down, and 22 to go. I’ll be posting probably just once more, with the results of the 46er survey, but aside from that… will see you in the spring!

the Loj

early morning on Heart Lake

Heading down the old Marcy Dam trail from the Loj

Heading down the old Marcy Dam trail from the Loj

life and death

Marcy Dam

above the Marcy dam

the Van Hoevenberg trail, in its rocky glory

old man’s beard

heading up Tabletop

summit achieved – #24!

modest summit view

Indian Falls, and it’s amazing view of the MacIntyre Range

Heart Lake


Heart Lake

12 thoughts on “Tabletop

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the first waterfall picture. I think the lack of sun made it a super photo friendly day. The natural lighting was perfect. Hope you’ll still be able to get in touch with some nature over the winter. Maybe the fact that ’twas in the 70s is a sign that it won’t be a harsh winter, if that’s even possible up in those parts. 🙂 Only time will tell.

  2. Hey Pru,
    Nice to see Loj and Heart Lake in the pics. Did you do all 24 this year? I will keep in touch through the winter. There was so much damage this weekend in the Hudson Valley I hope it didn’t effect the ADK.
    Happy Halloween,

    • Suzanne, I hope you fared ok in the storm – I’ll send you an email soon. The Adirondacks were pretty much unscathed, thankfully. Things were definitely a lot worse in NYC area – I can’t believe some of the stories coming out of there. 24 mountains since April. Hope to finish up next year.

  3. I just love your pictures. Makes me a little homesick (not enough to go back, but still…). I owe you an email, but time is kicking my butt. I’m hoping to get to it this weekend. Hope all is well with you. Btw, how do you like WordPress?

    • Thanks, Liz! Look forward to hearing from you whenever you get a chance to email. WordPress is okay, but it can be a real pain posting photos. I’ve started putting dashes between the pics because lately they like to run together/attach themselves to each other.

  4. Hi Pru,
    Power back on yesterday so am finally getting to your Tabletop posting. (had to thaw out first!!) I love your Marcy Dam photo, the water gently cascading over the brim. I guess once the forest has reclaimed the area once occupied by water, the beauty of the Algonquin/Colden/Marcy panorama will return- more the way it was meant to be. Do you have a Colden date yet Pru? Make sure you tell me as I’ll be with you. Also, we still have Huff & Puff!

    • I’m glad you finally have power back on, and even more glad that you escaped southward for the brunt of it! Coming up with a date for Colden is going to be tricky of course, since I’m a long way from #46. I want to stay at the Loj so I’ll obviously have to pick a date ahead of time. I’m guessing end of August might be a safe bet, but I probably won’t have a true sense until at least June. I will of course keep you posted since I would love for you to be there! Hope we have another relatively rain-free summer.

  5. Pru,
    Congratulations on getting Tabletop! I really liked your pics. I especially liked the pic of the sun reflecting off Heart Lake. You should definitely be proud of how many summits you climbed this year! Great job!

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