View from Sawteeth summit

View from Sawteeth summit

Today was a perfect day to climb Sawteeth – beautifully sunny, bright blue skies, and temps somewhere around the low 60s. We also had the entire mountain to ourselves; we ran into just one person at the beginning of the day, at Rainbow Falls.

My friend and I departed from St. Huberts at 6am. I found the Lake Road to be a nice, invigorating warmup during those 3ish miles in. The early morning sun looked pretty, glowing through the trees. At the end of the road a sign directed us to the footbridge crossing the Lower Ausable Lake. The side trail to Rainbow Falls is just over the footbridge, at the beginning of the Weld Trail. It might have been my favorite part of the day – the falls were stunning and the rainbow was visible in all its colorful glory. There was a really nice energy to this spot and we stayed for close to 40 minutes. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we had a mountain to climb so on we went.

We ascended via the Weld Trail. It was extremely steep right at the beginning, but then the grade seemed to become more moderate. I found this trail to be somewhat boring, in all honesty.  Some nice views when breaking out of the trees, but mostly just a steep walk up with little to no variation in terrain. The Sawteeth summit was another half mile from the col with Pyramid and was a fairly easy walk. I was a little disappointed with the summit; I don’t know why. Maybe I thought it would be larger? There was no benchmark or marker. We had a snack and continued on.

Taking the Scenic Trail down was really fun! The trail follows the “teeth” of the mountain over a series of bumps; there are a total of 5 overlooks along the way. The rocks near the top were extremely steep and challenging, but the grade and difficulty of the trail eased as we lost elevation. My favorite thing about this trail were the many varied terrains it takes you through, ending with a walk around the Ausable Lake – such a pretty hike. This goes on the list as one of my favorite trails.

I have to admit, that Lake Road trudge back was not fun.  But seeing Rainbow Falls and the sights along the Scenic Trail definitely made the journey worthwhile.

Lower Ausable Lake, near dam

Lower Ausable Lake

footbridge over Lower Ausable Lake dam

Sawteeth-bound; footbridge over Lower Ausable Lake dam


Rainbow Falls – possibly my favorite waterfall ever

At Rainbow Falls

At Rainbow Falls

Climbing up the Weld Trail

Climbing up the Weld Trail, with Pyramid Peak behind

From Sawteeth summit, playing with camera settings

From Sawteeth summit (playing with the funky camera settings)

Very steep ladder near the top of the Scenic Trail

Very steep ladder near the top of the Scenic Trail

Down the Scenic Trail

Down the Scenic Trail

View of lake from Outlook #1 on the Scenic Trail

View of lake from Outlook #1 on the Scenic Trail

22 thoughts on “Sawteeth

  1. Hi Pru,
    Falls were gorgeous- no rainbow on my hike 😓 Peak in background of “Weld Trail” I’m fairly sure is Pyramid which lies precisely between Sawteeth summit & Gothics once you pass the turn off to Gothics. Did you get a photo of Indian Head on your way down? -the “likeness” blew me away! What’s next?

    • You’re right, Karen – it’s Pyramid. Too bad you didn’t get a rainbow at the falls! Easily my favorite part of the day. I must have missed Indian Head. Not sure what’s next, but hopefully I’ll have something figured out by the end of this weekend.

    • It was such a beautiful hiking day – I hope there are more of them because we are indeed long overdue. I loved the falls – will definitely come back again sometime for them.

    • Thanks, Dave! I will definitely return for the Falls again – so beautiful. The Scenic Trail was amazing – definitely take it next time you do Sawteeth. I was glad we descended it – I think some of those rocks at the top would have been pretty tough going up.

  2. Yeah it was an awesome hike for sure. ‘Twas my first Adirondack hike. I absolutely love the beauty, remoteness and alpine feel of the place. Rainbow Falls was top-notch nature yes, but the views of Ausable Lake from the Scenic Trail were pretty sick too.

    • Thanks so much, Aagot! We had a really fun time on this hike. Hope you are enjoying your time with Mike! And anytime you want to come up for a visit, you are more than welcome. 🙂

  3. Wow, I can’t believe I missed out on hiking the Scenic trail down – I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that guy who advised me to go back the way I came on the Weld trail!

    Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a wonderful hike. Couldn’t ask for more perfect weather.

  4. I may just do that. Hopefully I won’t be too old by the time I finish the 46!!! Just having a very disappointing year this year…I was at least hoping to get half of them done this year. I’m one shy of that. If my knee and ankle feel better, may try doing Macomb/Carson/Grace in September.

  5. Go you and ‘Earthdrifter’. Just looked at his blog. He travels ‘indefinitely’? Wow. Real envious… Anywho, the waterfall looks awesome… and probably the perfect time of the year for you to see it, in late July…

    • I believe you’ve met Earthdrifter before… does he look familiar? That waterfall is one of my favorite sites on all of my hikes to date. Can’t wait to return! Planning to snowshoe out there this winter.

  6. He does indeed look familiar… your former roommate. 🙂 I’ve entertained the idea of snow-shoeing in Yosemite… to a cabin with a fire, etc. Spend a night or two (heard of this from a friend of mine) Then snowshoe out. Will be looking into it!

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